Mini 3D roller


A Function Beauty Tool designed to massage and support perky skin. Shaped to perfectly contour the face, the round balls support the lifting of skin, keeping you looking perky. Designed to help with skin tightening and replicate the kneading hands of a professional, PERK UP gives special attention to key areas of the face.

To Use: Roll along jawline, up cheekbones & forehead. Always use upward motions. For a brighter look, massage some BRIGHTEN CONCENTRATE OIL into face using PERK UP.
Perk-Up <br> Mini 3D roller
  • Perk-Up <br> Mini 3D roller

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Treat yourself to an at home facial:

For Ultimate Hydration - Apply Deep Dive Thirst Quenching Water Essence and use 3D roller to massage in Deep Dive Water Cream

For Radiance - Cleanse face with Brighten Refining Scrub and use 3D roller to massage in Brighten Concentrate Oil